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Wardrobe Weeding
  • This service is perfect for those who find themselves overwhelmed by a bulging wardrobe yet uttering that old cliche ‘I have nothing to wear!’


The process:

  • It is hard to look at your own wardrobe objectively. Items of clothing can be wrapped up in memories and sentimentalities, and while I am sympathetic to these, having clothes you no longer wear, love, look good in, etc. ultimately leads to unhappiness, discouragement and poor outfit choices.  Think of this service as an opportunity to have a caring, objective and expert eye.


This service will help you:

  • Clear out unflattering/old/unloved/unsuitable items of clothing

  • Breathe new life into what is left

  • Organise your wardrobe into a seamless system that suits your lifestyle

  • Create and style new outfits using your current stock

  • Devise a list of items to fill any gaps in your wardrobe

  • Give you advice on your ‘Fashion Five Formula’ i.e. a list of the five things you need to consider before buying new clothes.  They are as follows..


  1. Your Personality/Personal Style

  2. Your Lifestyle

  3. Your Body Shape

  4. Your Colouring

  5. Your Budget (Least important!!) 


  • Wardrobe weeding not only de-clutters your wardrobe, it de-clutters your mind, allowing you to dress faster, better and in a more satisfying way !  Book today!


*Service also available outside Dublin. 

Contact me for more information.

*SPECIAL OFFER: Wardrobe Weeding is complimented by the Personal Shopping service.  Book together for a discounted price of €240 saving a total of €45  Click here to book.