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This service is ideal for those looking for:

  • An image/wardrobe overhaul

  • A capsule wardrobe

  • Multiple outfits

  • Individual items of clothing



The process (approx 3-4 hours including image consultation):


  • Prior to meeting you will be sent a questionnaire that prompts some eye opening and enjoyable introspection.  The information gathered will be used to create a careful needs analysis and action plan tailored to you!  


  • Armed with this knowledge I will comb the shops on your behalf, taking photos and devising a strategy on which styles/shops currently best suit your needs.


  • The next step is to meet in one of Dublin’s luxury hotels for an Image Consultation over complimentary tea/coffee and go through your questionnaire, the photos I have taken and       ‘The Fashion Five Formula’  i.e the five things you need to consider before buying new clothes. 


The Fashion Five Formula focuses on.. 

  • Your Personality/Personal Style

  • Your Lifestyle (Areas over or under represented in your current closet based on your lifestyle and also how new pieces will tie in with what you already own.)

  • Your Body Shape

  • Your Colouring

  • Your Budget (Least important!!) 

  •  I will advise you on each and this will give us a clear focus for what to look for once we hit the shops. 

  • While shopping I will select different items and outfits for you to try on, all the while keeping in mind your personal ‘Fashion Five Formula.’ 

  • The service will conclude with a follow-up email including a list of useful tips and tricks pertaining to you and what you should be looking for, wearing, avoiding, styling, etc



Please note:

  • I am not affiliated with any shop or brand, so if you don’t want to spend, but would like to go through the process and deliberate over possible purchases in your own time, perhaps revisiting the shops or ordering online at a later date that is absolutely fine!! 


  • Shops don’t always deliver, sometimes you have great success, finding many pieces you love, and sometimes you just can’t find what you’re looking for, but nevertheless I am confident that you will deem this service beneficial and enjoyable, taking the frustration, time wasting and impulse buying out of shopping and putting some expertise, enthusiasm, creativity and confidence back in instead. Too often we take a backseat in our own lives, placing other people’s needs, work, etc. in front of our own.  Putting the focus back on yourself and your personal image will give you a lift and zeal that has far reaching benefits than your wardrobe. 



*Full day service including complimentary lunch and glass of bubbly also available!

Contact me for more details.


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